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Image by Bárbara Camargo. All rights reserved.

Trump administration set a stage for a very complex issue. For years, the heirs of a gangster claim the iconic Riviera Hotel and Marina Hemingway back or it's equivalent in cash. What´s next?

About two months ago the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced an important decision concerning Trump´s administration towards Cuba policy: the US will no longer renew a bar on litigation that has been in place for two decades. From now on the doors are open for lawsuits against foreign firms operating on properties Cuba seized from Americans after the 1959 revolution.

Suite of A new chapter in Cuba: the US allows lawsuits over properties seized by Castro

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On the left, Meyer Lansky´s attorney

There was a time Cuba´s cadre of corrupt business and of political figures was energized by what promised to be the money floodgates opening in Havana. Those personalities assumed the criminal know-how and flow of capital come from outsiders as a necessary scheme, and Cuba´s nexus of commerce, politics, and corruption operates as a constellation, what researchers call (that) “monopoly capitalism”.

For nearly a century

Cuba’s social elite had been intertwined with outside corporate interests, forming a ruling cartel, a mix of U.S. industrialists…

Bárbara Camargo

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